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    To guarantee the transparency of cooperation and in order to fulfill information obligations, the store publishes these Regulations, which define the rules and conditions for the use of the Store, the conditions for entering into contracts within the Store, the rules for the delivery and processing of orders and payment of the sales price, the rights of the Customer to cancel an order or withdraw from the contract and the procedure for filing complaints by Customers.

    The Store is owned by Smart Botanic, Jerozolimskie Avenue 89/43, 02-001 Warsaw, NIP 5842796462, REGON 386929248.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the content of the Terms and Conditions, please contact us. The contact information can be found in section 49 of the Terms and Conditions.


    1. online store ("Store"), available at, is operated by Smart Botanic, Jerozolimskie Avenue 89/43, 02-001 Warsaw, NIP 5842796462, REGON 386929248 ("Owner").

    2 The store retails products.

    (3) In order to use the Store, it is necessary to have:
    (I) a computer or other device capable of using a web browser.

    (II) Internet access;

    (III) Web browsers

    - Internet Explorer
    - Chrome
    - Firefox
    - Opera
    - Safari (iOS)

    (IV) an active e-mail account.

    4.Unless expressly stipulated otherwise in the wording of the Terms and Conditions, the following capitalized phrases are given the following meanings:

    (I) ADDRESS - means the e-mail address provided by the Customer in the process of registration and Account creation. The address can be edited in the tab

    (II)OWNER- means Smart Botanic, 89/43 Jerozolimskie Avenue, 02-001 Warsaw, NIP 5842796462, REGON 386929248;

    (III) ORDER FORM - means the form available in the Store for placing an Order;

    (IV) CUSTOMER- means a person intending to purchase or purchasing from the Store;

    (V) ACCOUNT - means the Customer's account created in the Store;

    (VI) REGULATIONS - means these regulations of the Store.

    (VII) STORE - means the online store available at the Internet domain;
    (VIII) GOOD - means the items available in the Store that are the subject of the Contract;
    (IX) AGREEMENT - means a contract for the sale of Goods concluded between the Customer and the Owner;
    (X) ORDER - means the declaration of will of the Customer made via the Order Form aimed at concluding the Agreement.


    (5) In order to conclude the Agreement, it is necessary to properly register or place an order without registration, while providing once the same data as in the registration process, i.e. obligatorily the data specified in point. 6 of the Regulations and optionally the data specified in sec. 7 of the Regulations.

    6 Proper registration is done by providing the following data:

    (I) Email address;

    (II) Passwords

    The above data are not necessary to complete the registration.
    7.The data entered in the registration process or when placing an order must be true.
    (8) To complete the registration, it is also necessary to provide and confirm the password. The password should meet the requirements specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of April 29, 2004 on the documentation of personal data processing and technical and organizational conditions to be met by devices and computer systems used for personal data processing (Journal of Laws 2004.100.1024). Completion of the registration process is accomplished by clicking on the "register" button and entering the form into the means of electronic communication in such a way that the Store can read it.

    (9) Completion of the registration process means that the Owner will be entitled to process personal data to the extent necessary for the execution and settlement of Orders.

    10 Registration is one-time, and its completion is associated with the creation of an individual Account for the Customer. The e-mail address and password are the basis for subsequent login to the Account.


    (11) When placing an order, the customer is informed about the processing of his personal data in accordance with Article 13 of the RODO.

    (12) Other rules for the collection and processing of Customers' personal data, as well as any other information about Customers, are set forth in the privacy policy. The privacy policy is available on the website, as well as at the Owner's office.

    13.Placing Orders is possible:

    (I) after registration and creation of an Account, or without these steps, i.e. by providing data for a one-time order;

    (II) 24 (in words: twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (in words: seven) days a week.

    14 The order is placed by completing the following steps by the Customer:

    (I) adding the specified Goods to the Store's shopping cart. All prices of the Goods are given in the Polish zloty (PLN) and in gross amount, i.e. with VAT included. The prices of the Goods do not include included delivery costs, which are given separately, in the shopping cart of the Store. Information contained in the Store is not an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code, but an invitation to tender within the meaning of Article 71 of the Civil Code.

    (II) clicking "I order" in the appropriate tab of the Store and entering the order into the means of electronic communication in such a way that the Owner can read it.

    In order to complete the process of placing an order for Goods, it is necessary - by ticking the appropriate checkboxes - for the Customer to accept the Terms and Conditions.

    When ordering goods intended for adult consumption, the user declares that he or she is an adult, or the ordered product is intended for an adult.

    15 The contract is concluded:

    (I) with the receipt of the Owner's confirmation of the Order, which is the Customer's statement of intent to conclude the Agreement, and (collectively) the Owner's confirmation of acceptance of the order for execution; a receipt is issued for the purchase, available at the company's headquarters. The Customer receives an electronic version of the receipt.

    (II) under the terms of the Order and the Regulations.

    (III) The customer is notified that the order has been accepted for processing by receiving an e-mail to the Address. If the Goods are unavailable or the fulfillment of the order is impossible for any other reason, the Customer will be notified immediately about the impossibility of processing the order and a possible proposal for further processing of the order. Fixing, securing and confirming to the Customer the significant provisions of the Agreement is done by sending the Customer an order summary at the Address. By placing an order, the Customer agrees to consolidate the confirmation of the Agreement in electronic form as an e-mail message referred to in the preceding sentence.
    (16) With respect to Contracts concluded with a Customer who is a consumer and whose habitual residence is outside the Republic of Poland, the applicable law shall be Polish law. However, this does not deprive the consumer of the protection afforded to him/her under provisions that cannot be excluded by contract, under the law of the country in which the consumer has his/her habitual residence.

    17 The Owner's execution of the Agreement shall take place.

    (I) by shipping the ordered Goods from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm;

    (II) upon payment by the Client of the amount due under the Contract, i.e. upon payment for the Goods and shipment. Payment for the Goods shall be made by bank transfer to a bank account or in the form of electronic payment via the payment system made available to the Client via Payment for the Goods shall be made within 14. (in words: fourteen) days from the date of confirming the order, referred to in clause 14 item (II) of the Regulations. If the Customer fails to make payment for the Goods, the Owner may withdraw from the Contract by directing an e-mail to the Address about withdrawal from the Contract.

    18 The goods are delivered:

    (I) without any defects or faults;

    (II) in factory packaging;

    (III) to the place indicated by the Customer in the Order Form. The default delivery address is the address entered during the purchase process. The Owner shall not be responsible for any delay in delivery or non-delivery of the Goods resulting from the Customer providing an incorrect delivery address.

    (IV) via:

    a. postal parcel. If the parcel is not picked up, the regulations of the Polish Postal Service regarding advising and return of the parcel shall apply;

    b. InPost courier shipments. If the package is not picked up, InPost's regulations for advising and returning the parcel shall apply;

    c. Parcel Machines. In the case of non-collection of a package, the rules and regulations of Parcel Machines 24/7 InPost services shall apply with regard to notification and return of the parcel

    The cost of returning a parcel not received on time shall be borne by the Customer. The Owner shall send the package with the Goods within no more than 3 (in words: three) working days from the date of crediting the payment for the Goods;

    (V) together with a VAT invoice, if the Customer has requested one.


    Cancel or change orders

    (19) Until the payment for the order is credited, the customer may cancel or change the order in whole or in part - by contacting the Owner by e-mail or telephone.
    20. the Owner will confirm the cancellation of the order via e-mail sent to the Address.


    21 The customer may withdraw from the contract within 14 (in words: fourteen) days.

    (22) The period for withdrawal from the contract shall begin from the date of delivery of the ordered goods to the customer or his designated person.

    (23) If the products ordered by the Customer under one Order are delivered separately, in batches or in parts, the period for withdrawal from the contract shall begin from the date of delivery to the Customer or the person designated by him of the last of the items, batches or parts of the goods.

    24 The customer may withdraw from the contract by:

    (i) directing the statement of withdrawal to the e-mail address In order to meet the deadline specified in Section 21, it is necessary to address a written statement by the 14th (in words: fourteenth) day after delivery of the goods to the Customer. The date of confirmation of mailing is decisive.

    (II) directing an e-mail statement of withdrawal to In order to meet the deadline specified in item 21, it is necessary to enter all the data required in the form by the 14th (in words: fourteenth) day after delivery of the goods to the customer. The date of transmission of the entered data (data transmission) is decisive.

    In order to meet the deadline specified in paragraph 21, it is necessary to enter all the data required in the form by the 14th (in words: fourteenth) day after delivery of the goods to the customer. The date of transmission of the entered data (data transmission) is decisive.

    (25) The Customer shall lose the right to withdraw from the Contract in the event that the Goods received by the Customer were delivered in sealed packaging, which was opened by the Customer, and the use of the Goods after opening the packaging is impossible for sanitary or hygienic reasons.

    26 The owner upon receipt of the withdrawal statement will inform the customer of its receipt.

    (27) Submission of a statement of withdrawal in compliance with the rules set forth in paragraphs 21 to 26 of the Regulations shall lead to the recognition of the contract as not concluded.


    28 Withdrawal from the contract results in the obligation of the Customer and the Owner to mutually return everything they received from the other party under the contract.

    29. within 14. (in words: fourteen) days from the date of withdrawal from the contract:

    (I) The Customer shall be obliged to return the goods received. The return shall be made at the expense of the Customer by sending the goods to the Owner's address by mail;

    (II) The Owner shall refund all payments received from the Customer, including the cost of shipping the goods to the Customer. The Owner shall not reimburse the cost of returning the goods referred to in Section 29 (I) above.

    (30) The return of the amounts referred to in clause 29 (II) above shall be made using the same method of payment used by the Customer, unless the Customer has agreed to a different method of return. The other method of returning the goods must not involve any additional costs on the part of the Customer.

    (31) The owner may withhold from the reimbursement of payments referred to in Section 29(II) above until:

    (I) receipt of the Goods or

    (II) sending confirmation of shipment of goods by the customer via e-mail to

    32 The Goods returned by the Customer shall be complete, bear no traces of use beyond those resulting from use necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods.

    (33) If the Owner determines that the Customer has used the Goods beyond what is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and functioning of the Goods, the Customer shall be liable for the diminished value of the Goods.



    34 If, upon receipt of the ordered Goods, the Customer finds non-conformity of the Goods with their description appearing on the order, manufacturing defects or damage caused by improper transportation of the Goods, the Customer has the right to file a complaint.

    35 Defects caused by careless, improper or incompatible use of the Goods are not subject to complaint.

    36 Complaint shall be made by sending an email of the complaint form located in the tab and entering it in the electronic means of communication in such a way that the Owner can see it or by contacting the Owner directly. The customer in the complaint submission is required to specify:

    (I) the defect of the Goods and its type,

    (II) order number;

    (III) the type and specifications of the Defective Goods.

    Submission of a complaint via the form is confirmed by an e-mail addressed to Address.

    (37) In the event that the Owner deems it necessary, the Customer shall be obliged to deliver the advertised Goods, which shall be notified by e-mail to the Address. Sending of the advertised Goods shall be done by means of a shipment by the Polish Post.

    38 The complaint will be considered within no more than 14 (in words: fourteen) days from the date:

    (I) its receipt by the Owner through the complaint form or

    (II) receipt by the Owner of the claimed Goods.

    39 In matters not regulated above, the generally applicable regulations shall apply to complaints.
    40 The owner does not accept shipments sent back cash on delivery.


    41. promotions may be placed in the Store, which are divided into:

    (I) product promotions that reduce the price of a particular Item by amount or percentage;(II) value promotions that reduce the price of the entire shopping cart by amount or percentage;

    (III) package promotions, which reduce the price of a particular Item or the entire shopping cart by amount or percentage, depending on the number of Items purchased.

    42 The promotion may be subject to the provision of a discount code when placing an order. Promotions do not combine.

    43. modification of the order so that the order does not meet the conditions of the specified promotion excludes its application.

    44 Details and conditions of each promotion are defined each time in the regulations of each promotion available in the Promotions tab.


    45 All product names on the Store are used for identification purposes and may be protected and reserved under the provisions of the Industrial Property Law.

    46 In matters not regulated in the Regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular the Civil Code.

    47 The Owner does not exclude the possibility of temporarily suspending the operation of the Store in case of the need for maintenance, inspection, replacement of equipment, or in connection with the need to upgrade or expand the Store.

    48 The Regulations apply to consumers.


    49 All contacts of the Customer with the Owner shall be undertaken through:

    (I) email at;